Royston Tester

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Royston Tester has written three short fiction collections: You Turn Your Back (2014) Fatty Goes to China (2012) and Summat Else (2004).

A hybrid novella, for the last time, buggerlugs (2021), set in the Brazilian Amazon, Pointe au Père Quebec, and England, is seeking a publisher.

His work as a freelance editor includes an ‘associate’ role (prose) for online Cha: an Asian Literary Journal based in Hong Kong.

British-Canadian, he moved in December 2014 from Toronto, Canada, to SE rural Spain, where he is completing a first poetry chapbook, eeny, meany, miney, mo, and a fourth short story collection, Never You.

His most recent poetry has appeared in the New Statesman (UK), The Canterbury Festival Anthology (UK), and Orbis (UK).

In November 2019, he was a fellow at the Hawthornden International Writers’ Retreat, Scotland.